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Inteligent reber tier - Foshan electric tools

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2018/07/20 16:55
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Reinforcement strapping machine, also known as automatic rebar strapping machine (Automatic Rebar Tying Machine or Rebar tier) is a hand-held battery type bar fast strapping tool. It is an intelligent tool, built-in microcontrollers, can automatically complete all the steps of steel binding, can be widely used in the field of construction, in order to replace the artificial strapping reinforcement. Reinforcement strapping machine mainly by the body, special reel, battery box, charger four parts.

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The biggest feature of the steel strapping machine is fast and convenient. Its efficiency for the artificial efficiency of 3-4 times. Can save a lot of manpower, greatly reduce the labor intensity of the workers.Currently the market, the price has not yet reached the level of popularity, because of its other similar power tools such as the high price, has not yet been accepted on a large scale. So now, the main market is also located in Europe and the United States developed countries, because of its high labor costs and individuals are reluctant to engage in low-level hard work, the product developed in Europe and the United States has a relatively large city technical performance editor 1. Simple operation, one-handed operation to improve the safety factor of the workers operating. 2. Binding speed fast bundling speed is 3-4 times the human operation, each knot of the binding time of 1 second, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the workers. 3. Light weight, the appearance of compact machine weighs only 2.5 kg, easy to operate. 4. Strong lithium battery, charging time 70-80 minutes, each charge can be bundled 1300-1500 knot, the machine easy to carry work. field.



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